What Does Your Bed Say About You?

Whether you're dozing on a divan or snoozing on a sleigh bed, your bed frame speaks a thousand words about who you are as a person. Find your personality and then find your friends' too!

Sleigh Bed

You are King/Queen of the home and you've got the bed to show it. From headboard to foot end, you are grand in every sense of the word and you rule the home from your bastion of comfort and elegance.

Bedroom monarch

Storage Bed

Order is your best friend, cleanliness your lover. Everything has its place, and it's under the bed! Clean home, clean mind. A quote by which you live every day of your life. Nothing is more appealing to you than a spotless bedroom floor and a home for all your bits and bobs.

Tidy home, tidy mind

Divan Bed

Can't decide between style, comfort or practicality... So you just have it all! You know what you want and you're not afraid to go out there and get it. You love modding your wares so they're perfect for your needs. Whether it's that red velvet diamante headboard or that 5th storage drawer for your valuables, divans bed owners have got it all.

The Divandroid. Coming soon to a home near you.

Shaker Style Bed

Shaker style bed frames are perfect for any situation; classic, simplistic and you know they'll get the job done. Just like the sleeper, shakers are dependable and don't need fancy colours or gimmicks to get noticed. Your reputation precedes you, and for good reason.


Sofa Bed

Either you love saving space, or you just love being cool. Sofa Beds are statement pieces and you're the statement piece of friendship group. You're a stylish addition to any room and when it's all said and done, you offer heaps of practicality as well.

Fedoras are cool... right?

Diamante Bed

You're the type of person who loves a little bit of glamour in their life, so much so that you love the idea of sleeping under the light of shimmering diamantes. Your bed is an extension of your flawlessness. You’ve got it, so flaunt it!

Shine bright like a diamante.

Gilad Grant

FTA Furnishing Ltd.