Top 5: Statement Pieces.

Here we have it ladies and gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for, our countdown to the top 5 statement pieces of furniture you must have in your home. The light bulb, the telephone; lest we forget that some of the best inventions of our time have come as a direct result of competition, so with that being said, aren't you curious to see who got the top spot?

5. The Nordic Corner Bookcase.

Let's face it, the corner of a room is a place where trolls roam, it's a mystery as to why we even have corners in our houses, they offer nothing but empty space, a missed opportunity for furniture to be placed in. Or so you thought. Throw this little number into the corner of any room and you'll forget what a corner even looks like.

The only corner I accept is a Muller Corner, other than that, they're all dead to me.

4. The Storage Coffee Table

Ok, so the benefits of this kind of speak for themselves right? Am I the only one who often thinks to themselves, "if only there were somewhere I could put my TV Magazine instead of leaving it to be left in tatters, stuffed down the side of the sofa!", I know I'm not alone. Well fear not my friend, we have for you the storage coffee table, you can literally put whatever you want in there! Except livestock, we strongly advise against that, seriously.

Storage Coffee Table. Storage Coffee for your Table? Storage Table for your Coffee? Coffee Storage is a thing.

3. Zuma Entertainment Unit

Ever wondered why your living room feels incomplete, dull, lifeless? Well it's probably because you don't have one of these bad boys in there. Seriously, this thing has the slickness of George Clooney with the sturdiness and strength of Tom Hardy, what more could you possibly ask for?! This Entertainment Unit couldn't be any more entertaining if it juggled.

Starting to wonder if FTA is short for this Furniture's Totally Awesome!

2. Mirrored Shoe Cabinet

You take your shoes out of their little holster, you pop them on and then take a view of your beautiful self in the full length mirror... honestly, that's all I'm writing for this one. No, seriously, what more do you want?

When something is so perfect, it needs no words.

1. The Arabella Dressing Table.

"The horizon tries but it's just not as kind on the eyes as Arabella". Perhaps that song was created with this piece in mind? Remind to ask Alex Turner when he next calls. For now though your guess is as good as ours, all we know is that this dressing table is the very height of chic, the Kevin Bacon of cosmetic palaces. You'll be the envy of everyone who ever meets your eye. Which is why we're placing this at Number One in our countdown to the Top 5 Statement Furniture Pieces of today.

The Kevin Bacon of cosmetic palaces indeed. Congrats Arabella, you deserve it.