Six Suggestions for Sleeping Soundly this Summer

Getting a good night's sleep in summer is difficult, especially when we have to endure temperatures like those we experienced in June in the UK, (please come back, we miss you!). So we've sourced some brilliant tips, and even added a few of our own, to help you sleep soundly this summer.

This is what summer feels like...

1. Get that air flowing

If you want to keep your home cool before it's bedtime, try keeping the blinds and windows closed until the outside temperature is a bit nicer. As a general rule, keep windows closed as long as it's hotter outside to avoid letting warmer air in. Opening more than one window at night will allow a cool air flow into your room and help reduce the heat. If you're in a bungalow or a ground floor apartment, having a fan on and your bedroom door open will achieve a similar effect (and it's A LOT safer).

Creating a cross breeze

2. Be fan-tastic

During those extra humid nights, where there seems to be no escape from the heat, try facing your fan towards the window to blow warm air out of your room. Another neat little fan trick to consider, is to place a bowl of ice in front of it, so it pushes an ice cool breeze in your direction. If you live in a place where the hot just don't stop, it may be time to consider purchasing a ceiling fan or an air conditioning system, which may be pricey but are much more cost effective in the long run.

Try blowing the hot air out of the room

3. Unplug Things

Getting rid of any additional heat sources is a simple way to reduce the warmth of your bedroom. Unplugging phone chargers, laptop chargers and lamps will stop them from creating unwanted heat and it'll even help you save money on your electricity bill; "Every mickle mek a muckle" as my mom always used to say. This goes for your lights as well. Try opening your blinds and sleeping under the moonlight instead of those artificial spotlights of yours.

Maybe unscrewing the bulb was a bit too far?

4. Cool it down

You don't want to warm yourself up just before going to bed? (Right??) Taking a tepid shower in summer, about 90 minutes before bed time, tells the body it's time to hit the hay. Be careful not to set the shower to ice cold, as your body will try to overcompensate and you'll be sweatier than a sinner in church. Once you're in bed, if you're still feeling the heat, try ditching the duvet (and maybe your pyjamas) and laying a cold towel on your head. Periodically turning your pillow over to the cooler side can also help you stay at a reasonable temperature.

Cool shower, cool night

5. Eat Smaller Meals

Summer isn't the time to whip up a great big beef bourguignon, no matter how tasty it is. Try not to cook meals that will generate excess warmth, instead maybe a nice room temperature pasta salad? Or maybe a grilled dish if you're craving hot food. Try having smaller more frequent meals that are easy for your body to metabolise, as a hearty meal before bed will just make you warmer as you digest it. Stay on top of your fluids throughout the day, particularly before bed if you feel like it's gonna be one of those sticky sleeps!

Pesto is your besto friend...

6. Technology

Now these sleep suggestions have been exclusively DIY up to this point, but if you still feel like you can't beat the heat on your own, maybe it's time to enlist the help of some cool technology (beware, prices may be pricey). The Chillow is a very well named product and a gel filled pillow mat that can be refrigerated (or microwaved) to provide a cooler surface to sleep on. The Bedfan is a very interesting bedside fan that provides a constant breeze to remove extra heat from your body. Last, and certainly not least, is the ChiliPad cooling mattress pad. Essentially, this is a water cooling system for your bed and with its effective range of 15.5°C to 43°C, it allows you to have total control of your temperature!

Left: Chillow. Right: ChiliPad. Bottom: Bedfan