How to Maintain Your Memory Foam Mattress

Everybody desires the luxurious comfort brought by a memory foam mattress, but few people will correctly care for these. After taking the weight off your back for 8 hours every night, isn’t it time that you gave your mattress a little pampering back? Try our top tips for maintaining your mattress.

  1. Give That Mattress A Spin Don’t be afraid to move your mattress every now and again, as this helps prevent sleeping ‘wallows’ from occurring. ‘Wallows’ can be formed from sleeping in the same spot on the bed consistently over a long period of time, and are indents formed from reapplied pressure, but rotating your mattress from head to toe end will avoid this. Even though you really want to sink into your mattress after a hard day at work, no one wants to fall in to it!

Don't fall out of love with your bed

  1. Vacuum Your Mattress Although memory foam is porous and will not hold liquid, all your personal bedtime demons really do come to life at night. You are proven to lose more dead skin cells, sweat and body oils from the skin whilst you are sleeping. Combined with added motion from all of those crazy dreams you may be having, a lot of what you lose ends up living in your mattress or your mattress cover. Don’t fear! A simple solution lies inside your closet. By removing all bedding from the mattress and vacuuming the top surface and sides with the upholstery brush on your vacuum cleaner, you can suck away your nightmares*.

*Removal of literal nightmares not guaranteed

  1. Clean Your Covers As much as we appreciate that extra washing never sounds like fun, it wouldn’t hurt to take off the zip cover and throw it in with your weekly wash every so often. Alternatively, to get out stains or if you haven’t quite the time for a machine wash, try sprinkling baking soda over the cover once the bedding has been removed, and leave it for an hour and a half before hoovering off. This will help remove stains, draw any unwanted moisture out of the mattress, and for a brand new feel, try adding a few drops of your favourite essential oils to the baking soda to leave your mattress smelling fresh!

Fresh sheets for a good night's sleep

  1. No Acrobatics Allowed! Adults enjoy bouncing on their beds as much as children do, and are just more reluctant to admit it. If you want a perfect place to try out your best moves, maybe go to your local trampoline club or salsa class rather than trampling your poor mattress.

We ask our mattresses to not jump on you...