2017: Bedroom Trends.

2017: Bedroom Trends.

The Manchester Furniture Show is always fuelling our passion for design and forward thinking, and this weeks issue is full of the latest bedroom trends. So we have to ask, how do we make our bedrooms look truly fabulous this year? Here is the full list of ‘to die for’ bedroom trends you need to be following in 2017. We have taken the FURL head captions and put our own spin on how to create the perfect, most fashionable bedroom.


Our take on the perfect cosy corner consists of a small bedroom chair that you can tuck your feet up on, grab a blanket and get reading that book you promised yourself you would finish last year. Bedroom chairs come in all shapes and sizes and so you will be sure to find one to fit your space. If a chair is a little too large for a corner of your room, why not try a tiny stool? Upholster in crushed velvet for the right amount of lux glam.


Simply Stylish bedrooms are the most glamorous types of bedrooms. We think that your bedding also plays a huge part in keeping your bedroom looking top notch. No one wants to walk into a bedroom to messy looking bedding and in turn a rather kiddish looking bed. Why not treat yourself to a set of white sheets. Then pick your favourite colour and splash out on a throw and two complimenting cushions. It is important that this is your favourite colour and not the ‘trending colour’ of the season. After all, your bedroom design will only look on trend and lovely if you love it yourself.


We have never really touched on colour palettes or the correct colours to use with our beds and furniture however we have some strong advice for you: Keep the larger objects in more neutral shades and add in your pops of colour using the smaller, more easily changeable accessories. Rose gold, pastel blue and gunmetal grey are all colours trending this year.


A bedroom deserves a little bit of pattern, but don’t go overboard. This is your calming space that you can relax in and drift off into the land of nod. Bright, bold patterns will certainly help you to wake up in the morning but won’t do anything in helping you getting to sleep in the first place. Geometrics are on trend this year, and here are just a few favourites to choose from.


In 2017 we demand more from everything in our lives, we need a phone that can take professional photos but also plays music louder than a stereo speaker. So why not demand more from your bed too? These aren't just beds, these are ottoman beds, space-savers, keepers of space... they're basically spaceships. Blended with 2017's new best friend; crushed velvet, we can offer you a place in furnishing God status.


Add in a few home comforts to your bedroom design. The most personal bedroom trends of all time is to scatter photographs of family and friends around your room. Mount your photos in all shapes and sizes. The best place to put them is that forgotten piece of wall, so that every part of your room is brought back to life, also it means less moaning from family members about not having any photos up! Our advice would be to find an array of different wall mounted photo frames, difference makes all the difference.


Try creating a few different levels in your room for intrigue and to be one better than the rest. Are you completely redoing your bedroom? If so, why not create a little two stepped up platform in the middle of room and sit your bed within it. Not many people could say that their bed is the focal point in the middle of the room. This is the part of the bedroom that you use the most and so celebrate it. Put your bed on a pedestal and be proud.

We hope this helps you in your quest for interior perfection, if you're feeling particularly inspired then take a look at our new 2017 Ranges and you're halfway there to having your own little slice of heaven.

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