The Danish art of Hygge is all about being content in the moment. It's about comfort and cosiness in your home. Think the feeling you get when you sit with a cup of hot chocolate or a good book, or when you move to the sofa after a warm meal with your family. Really, it can be as simple as putting on a pair of woollen socks.

While Hygge can relate to all aspects of your home, we've put together an edit of our favourite cosy bedding, perfect for bringing an element of Hygge into your bedroom. It's the cosiness and comfort you'll never want to let go of.

What better way to practice Hygge in your home than to spread yourself out on a gorgeous diamante encrusted crushed velvet bed. And with an impressive length of 243cm; the BFG could stretch himself out on this bed, so you should have no trouble finding comfort!

We understand that some of you don't particularly care for a fancy bed, some of you enjoy simplicity, you live for the ease, and that's fine! In fact, some of us even agree with you, which is why we make sure that our selection of mattresses is of the highest quality. Some of our memory foam mattresses are so memorable that they even remember your birthday.

I would personally recommend a medium-firm memory foam mattress, comfort and stability combine to create a slumber you'll be awaiting again and again and again.

Okay so unfortunately we all don't have scenes like the one above when we look out of our windows but looking at nature is still as simple as finding a tree. If your bedroom window overlooks an estate or a shopping centre then I really do feel for you, Hygge living doesn't just take place inside of the home.

The Danes have a word, 'hyggekrog' meaning 'cosy corner', a place where you can be comfortable, usually to look upon nature through a window, it is highly suggested by experts the world over.

What better way to explore the nature outside your home than with a window seat filled with pillows, somewhere you can completely relax and be at peace with the world. Find your peace today with our window seat ranges.

Created by Liam Ryan, Self Proclaimed Master of Hygge.