Brace Yourselves, Winter Is Coming..

As we slowly approach the back end of the year, we see darker nights, colder mornings, our wooly knitwear surfaces for the season and the everyday, grueling morning challenge, of adapting to the sudden temperature change between under the covers, and the seemingly sub-zero room temperature becomes evident. All of these are a sign that winter is coming!.. Lucky for you FTA is here, with a few winter survival tips.

Winter is the time of year where many of us revert to our animal instincts. Not because we become vicious predators who trek miles to hunt down prey. Instead we go into hibernation. The best of us look to build a warm safe haven to lazily hide away in, and in doing so graze away on our favorite confectionery snacks in front of our chosen heat source. And of course the tele..

To make home feel like home this winter we recommend a comforting communal area. Somewhere dad can practice his poor Christmas jokes, while being ignored by the kids, who are unsocially sitting on their tablets playing Angry Birds and Minecraft. Mum on the other hand is just happy the family are all together. If this sounds like your dream winter setting then you’ll need some dream furniture to go with it, right?

FTA recommend our Holburn sofa set! This elegant three and two-piece sofa set is ideal for small families and couples. It is guaranteed to make for a comforting edition to the living area, and is a great place for everyone to snuggle up on. Christmas DVD’s and a tin of celebrations at the ready! Just be sure to get your hands in early, or you’ll be left with nothing but Bounty’s!

At a reduced price of £399.99 you really can’t go wrong! Also, if everyone snuggles up tight enough you might just keep each other warm enough for the heating to be switched off. Then dad can save even more money on that heating bill he won’t stop complaining about!

That’s the lounge area sorted but what about your place of slumber? After all you are going to be battling these cold nights from your bed between 6-8 hours a day! A cosy comforting place to rest your head, after you say your goodnights is most definitely needed.

Tricked into believing its late by the icy, dark floodlit streets, you slip into your PJ’s and head off to bed. After setting your alarm for work in the morning you catch the time at the top of your phone. What?!, only 7:30?!.. Snug and content in bed with a duvet to shield you from the winter chills, “might as well stay here now” you tell yourself in your head.

At FTA we suggest doing the above in one of our Istanbul beds.

Made from a stylish fabric we offer multiple colours, sizes and storage options. FTA recommends our top selling Istanbul Ottoman Storage version in grey. This product has sprung slatted base which lifts with ease thanks to the strong gas lift mechanism. A great place for you to store emergency blankets and a duvet in case you just can’t keep quite warm enough!

Perhaps the emergency blankets aren’t needed this year as you’ve heard of this genius idea online. Suggesting wrapping the walls behind your radiators in tin foil reflects a significant amount of heat back into the room? (yes, people actually try this!). Or maybe you’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone, by overly wrapping in clothing, in attempt to keep warm and break the world record of most t-shirts worn at one time?!

Whatever your wacky methods of keeping warm, our Crushed Velvet Sleigh Beds have bags of potential to promise a toasty night’s sleep. Available in multiple sizes and a crushed silver ice colour to fit in with that winter freeze! This sophisticated Sleigh bed may even double up as a massive toy for the kids! Who would be delighted to let their imagination run free, pretending they’re riding through the sky on Santa’s sleigh!

Both of these beds are available as a singular bed or part of our keep warm for winter 5-piece deals. These deals include bed frame, comforting mattress, a duel pillow set and thick quality duvet all in a reduced bundle deal! Keep warm with FTA this winter and don’t miss out on a range of our great limited time only deals! Before we love you and leave you and prepare for our own winter hibernation, here are FTA’s top three tip’s on keeping warm this coming winter!

  • Time your heating – Some heating systems allow for you to put them on a timer. We suggest when leaving the house schedule the heating to turn on 10 minutes before you’re due to arrive. This way you’ll ensure walking into a lovely warm home!
  • Check your windows – Before sleeping or leaving the house, ensure all windows are shut. You don’t want your homes warmth abandoning you.
  • Service your hearting – it’s better to be safe than sorry. We recommend getting your heating serviced at least once a year. There is nothing worse than a boiler break down at the coldest point of the year.