Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite - Household Hygiene!

When we think of hygiene, the first thing that usually springs to mind is body cleanliness. If we’ve showered, washed our hair and brushed our teeth we deem ourselves clean and hygienic. The thought of bacteria wriggling around in our bed sheets or crawling around on our sofa often get neglected. This is because home cleanliness frequently becomes disassociated with the term ‘hygiene’.

Typically, we spend over 8 hours every day in our bedroom. This on top of the daily couch potato time of catching up on your Corrie, EastEnders, Emmerdale, X-Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and all your other terrible tele habits, equates to relaxing for lengthy periods of time in unclean areas. Poor hygiene can be linked to increased risk in poor physical and mental health, bad sleeping habits and an increased risk of triggering allergies.

Now, scrubbing the sofa in your leisure time is never going to be the top of your weekend priority list. And without mum there nagging you to clean this and clean that, we understand these tedious jobs can be hard to find the motivation for. Lucky for you FTA are here to give you a kick up the backside! Now go clean you room, or expect to be paying three times the RRP on all our products!

Washing Your Sheets

Bed sheets and fabrics can act as a gruesome home for nasty things, such as dead skin, bacteria, fungus and mites. Upon each night’s sleep you deposit more dead skin, dirt, sweat, grease and oil that may have built up on you throughout the day. To avoid your place of rest becoming a pigsty of invisible filth, we recommend washing your sheets weekly to avoid picking up any nasty infections. Clean, comfortable and cosy!

Cleaning Your Sofa

Exposed to greasy hands and unwashed feet, an unclean family sofa can contain more muck than the average toilet seat. Spillages and stains can host a settling place for bacteria to breed, so be sure to give the sofa a once over every now and again. Common associated objects, such as mobile phones and TV remotes, are likely to nest even more germs, as these are objects that are rarely/never cleaned. Clenching your tv remote in dispense, we can’t imagine the sweat build up in your palms as you’re waiting out the long silence from Sir Alan Sugar. “WHO IS HE GOING TO FIRE?!?!...”

Upholstered Headboards

Although aesthetically pleasing to the eye, upholstered headboards can be a hygiene sore. These are germ magnets and can attract many different types of bacteria, skin cells and dirt. As you’ll be sleeping right below these, you’ll be breathing in its grimy contents all night, exposing you to risk of illness. If you have one of these, we recommend cleaning them weekly, try to fit it in with your bed sheet cleaning regime.

If you’ve managed to carry out all our proposed cleaning tips, then well done! You’ve earned your pocket money. Only joking, we can’t afford to be giving away money to everyone who reads our blog posts. Instead we’ll offer you reductions on items via our sale, we have a wide range of items that will go well with all the other items you’ll need to clean every week.