Topical Traditions & Things To Do: November

The end of the year is rapidly approaching, and wow has it gone fast. That false realization of it still being May is suddenly taken away from us, as we watch our dog scurrying under the sofa, having several heart attacks as hundreds of rockets light up the sky. Yes, it’s November.

Now you’ve realized it’s November you’ve probably also realized you don’t have 6 more months to achieve all those new year’s resolutions you’d make sure you’d achieve this year. “Not to worry, there’s always next year” you tell yourself for the third consecutive year, as your incomplete new year resolutions begin to rollover more than the weekly national lottery. If your even more of a last-minute person and feel like leaving your incomplete resolutions till December, then that’s fine by us. We have a few things you’re going to love to do in November to aid your off putting!

Christmas Wonder Land

No matter how much we all complain about how early the Christmas decorations go up, you can’t deny love it. Get in the Christmas spirit early this November by visiting Winter Wonderland! With a range of activities and fun festive things to do, it’s somewhere the whole family is guaranteed to be entertained.

We recommend visiting Nottingham Winter Wonderland which is located in Market Square, the beautiful heart of Nottingham. Featuring 60 wonderfully themed market stalls including locally produced foods, handmade jewelry, traditional glühwein, live entertainment and more. You may even want to get a bit merry with a glass of mulled wine, cider or even baileys hot chocolate, or perhaps ‘want’ isn’t the word, sorry, we’ll rephrase that. Perhaps you may NEED to get merry with a glass of mulled wine, cider or even baileys hot chocolate, after a manic afternoon of pulling your hair out, stress infused Christmas shopping!



Brave enough to save enough?! Probably one of the least fun, yet most rewarding holidays of the year, it’s almost time for Black Friday. Originated in America, and celebrated the day after thanks giving. Black Friday is the time of year everyone finds themselves throwing hands for their greed and love of a bargain, with most stores now offering ridiculous discounts of up to 80%.

We would advise to try and get a few steals this Black Friday to try and reduce that colossal Christmas present list bill. However, we advise doing it from the safety of your own home. Repeatedly hitting the F5 key to try and steal those bargains sounds a little less intense than fighting off eight strangers for a 42” TV!

We’ll also be doing a huge Black Friday sale on our store, were we can promise you won’t be ransacked at the exit for your newly bought goods! All our discounted items will be placed HERE. We are currently hosting our autumn season sale, so don’t wait for Black Friday, go and have a nosy now!

Aside from some of our suggested events you may want to participate in, we have a few more events and anniversaries that took place over November. You may want to celebrate some of these wacky events, but we have no idea why!

  • 3rd November 1957 - First living creature was sent into space (A Russian dog named Laika)
  • 8th November 1920 - The Rupert Bear cartoon strip was born
  • 9th November 1885 – The first motorbike was ridden
  • 13th November 1907 – The first helicopter took off
  • 21st November 1783 – first flight by man in hot air balloon

Happy November!