2018, New Year New Me.

2018, New Year New Me.

As the earth completes another lap around the sun in its never-ending race, we see yet another year come to a close. Only two weeks in to the earths next cycle, we hope none of you have already failed some of your new year’s resolutions. If you have, shame on you! If you haven’t, congratulations! If you haven’t set any yet, that’s okay to. In this blog we have a few new years resolution suggestions to help you achieve a happy and healthy mind in 2018.

Plan And Achieve

There is no better feeling than the sense of achievement. Even completing the littlest of things that are not necessarily challenging can give a sense of satisfaction. You may want to set long term goals or you may want to set short term ones. These can be daily lists consisting of things such as doing your washing, socialising for 30 minutes in the day, participating in a hobby for an hour etc. Plan goals and achieve them.

Get Up And Do It

How many times have you told yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow”, the next day comes, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, the next day comes, “I’ll do it tomorrow” and so on. Relaxation and leisure time is good, but plan for it and get other things done. With a “get it done and out the way with attitude”, eliminating those lazy periods of rest before every task you do can find yourself an hour or more of rest, leisure or creative time each day.

Chase Your Happiness

Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and better mental and physical health. The best part is, exercise is free. A 20-minute run combined with fresh air and getting out the house can work wonders on the mind. Followed by the sense of accomplishment from your chosen activity, exercise it is something that is always recommended by every health professional.

Limit Your Social Media Usage

Endlessly scrolling through various social platforms can bring many negatives. Subconsciously comparing your life to others, and seeing other people’s picture-perfect online persona can lead to demotivation. Limit your use of social media, and focus more on your own accomplishments/day to day life.

Rest Well

With busy life styles amongst constant use of technology, such as TV, computers, smart phones and tablets, our brain can often find it hard to switch off. As can be discovered in our previous Sleep Hygiene blog, sleep is of incredible importance. You should be aiming for up to 8 hours a day, in which will improve day-to-day mood, motivation and work ethic.

We hope we have given you a bit of guidance as to how you can better yourself for a happy and healthy 2018. Here at FTA we have been trying to make a few changes for ourselves. With huge plans to expand our workspace and productivity. We’ll be opening our own production line, specialising in the manufacturing of divan bed frames, memory foam mattresses, pocket spring mattresses and other styles of bed frames. In 2018 we are definitely bringing that “plan and achieve and “get up and do it” attitude.

Keep your eyes peeled as this expansion will allow us to meet extremely high demands in drop shipping, whole sale and the supplying of retailers. Coming this March, if you are a store owner, online retailer, landlord, property developer, or anything similar you will most definitely want to keep up to date with this development.

From FTA we wish you all a happy and health 2018.