The Do's and Don'ts of House Cleaning

We know it’s a month or so away from that big dreaded spring clean, but we’re bringing you a few tips in preparation of your yearly mass muck out. Time to get out the rubber gloves and scrubbing brush, in attempt to get that mulled wine stain out the carpet that happened over the family Christmas board games fiasco. We won’t get into that however, back to the blog!

As we’d like to start this blog on a positive note we’ll start with the do’s. First up..



DIY may sound like a silly suggestion, as of course with the cleaning you’ll always be doing it yourself, just wishing your other half would put in even 5% of the effort you do to keep the house clean. But what we actually mean by this is don’t be afraid to use your own remedies! Home made solutions can be far better and more effective than the top branded cleaning product for your chosen task. We’ve found using something as simple as 4 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 quart of warm water makes for a great all-round cleaner/deodorizer for kitchen worktops, insides of fridges, microwaves and other household appliances. Do your research there are so many cheap and effective solutions.

Grubbing Out The Grease

Ever so tired of heavily scrubbing that ugly grease stain that’s lodged itself on your sofa and has unwantedly become your night time Netflix buddy. Well you can finally be rid of him. Baking sofa or corn starch is a great absorbent. Lightly cover stain in either and leave to work its magic for around 15 minutes. Follow up by hoovering your chosen absorbent then dabbing away the stain with a clean white cloth that’s been doused in dry-cleaning solvent. Then wave goodbye to Mr Grease, as you won’t be seeing him around any longer!

Out With The Old

Even after a thorough clean, areas may appear messy and untidy if they are cluttered with possessions and belongings. We suggest having a simple sort out of things that are to be kept and things that are to be binned! Don’t hoard things, anything you think you may need can be put away in storage for later use, while things you haven’t used for months and can’t see yourself using in the future can be gotten rid of. Our new 2018 range features five new beds that offer amazing space saving storage solutions. With the Kingston Side Lifts now in stock this beautiful crushed velvet storage bed is available for next working day delivery, take a look HERE!



Contradicting and controversial I know, as our first do was DIY! But make sure you do your DIY with research. Using products like vinegar on marble countertops or tile can actually cause damage to the surface. Scrubbing natural stone with vinegar can create etch marks and nasty stains, so go steady. The same applies with using bleach to treat rust stains. The chemicals in the bleach act as a growth accelerator for the rust and will ensure it doesn’t come clean, but rather worsens the stain. Do your research!

Fast Fixing Isn’t Always The Best Fixing

We all know the feeling of anxiety and panic when a dreaded dark substance hits your pearly white carpet. Your instant reaction is to drench it in a cleaning substance and scrub it till your arms fall off. However, this may not be the best solution. Drowning the stain in a cleaner can cause excess moisture to get trapped inside the carpets fibres, imprisoning that fizzy cola stain into the floor pad. To avoid this instead gently sponge the stain with a clean cloth, this should soak up most of the mess instead of scrubbing it in.

Dry Dusting

One simple rule, don’t dust with a dry cloth or rag. In doing so you will just be pushing the dust around. Imagine the torture of infinitively dusting until you eventually realise your dry cloth is not actually doing anything.. painful to say the least. Grab yourself a microfibre cloth or soft duster to make your dusting tasks quick and easy.

That just about concludes our blog for this week, so we hope you’ve taken away a trick or two from it and maybe even erased a few bad habits. And now you’ve had a read up you don’t have any excuse for your mess! We’ll see you next week!