FTA Budget Redecoration Tips

Often, we can become tired of the decor inside our own homes. The novelty of our homes beautiful interior that we spent weeks, maybe even months to find can quickly wear off and lead for us to want yet more change. However, I, and guessing also you, cannot afford to invest the time or wealth every other month ripping off the wall paper just because you fancy a change. Fortunate for yourself our team at FTA have come up with a few tricks and tips that will allow for the feel of a big change, but at a small cost. Enjoy!

Rearrange Furniture

Starting off with a 100% freebee! Rearranging furniture can bring a whole new look and feel to a lifeless room. Have a play around with it to see what best fits where. In doing so you will discover space in a room you never knew you had. The ability to change the atmosphere of a room just by switching things up really is astounding.

Feature wall

A feature wall provides a cheap and easy way to experiment with your decors colour pattern. This budget design tip allows a person to reinvent the vibe of any room at quarter the cost (four walls in a room, only one needs touching up, you do the maths!). Contrasting colours or patterned wallpapers can inject just the right amount of interest to a room without overwhelming the space. When adding a feature wall to a room do not select a wall at random, instead work with a wall that compliments the rooms existing focal point. Examples being the wall behind the television or wall your furniture is pointed at, more than one focus point may lead to you going cross eyed!


Be creative and think outside the box. Objects and items that have been collecting dust in storage can be reinvented and brought back to life with a new-found purpose. With this one your creativity is your only limit, the most out their ideas are encouraged, however refine yourself from going crazy in quantity, as too many random objects dotted around the room can make the place look like a dumping ground!

Reorganise Your Accessories

Photos, art, ornaments and more can all be repositioned to dramatically change the look of a room. You may even want to cluster all your wall hangings on one wall as this can sometimes be a great alternate to a feature wall. This method is also best seen effective in a dining room or lounge as it can make a great main focus point for rooms without a television. Alternatively, if you don’t have much to work with you can swap different accessories with different rooms, however, your children’s drunken messy photos from freshers week are best left in their bedrooms, they do not make best for the main piece in the living room.

As can be evidenced from the above pointers, there are more ways to innovate and recreate the design of your home than just throwing money at it. In design creativity is key, and you may be surprised how you can revitalize your home by experimenting and thinking outside the box. Feel free to tweet us your unorthodox, stylish design choices @FTAFurnishing – we’d love to see what you guys have come up with!