3 Cheap & Free Home Easter Activities

3 Cheap & Free Home Easter Activities

Christmas, Birthdays, New Year, Halloween, Bonfire Night and more. When do the celebrations end?! As they come so frequent we know it can be hard to keep up both time wise and cost wise. Thankfully we’ve got a few cheap tips and pointers for Easter activities that’ll keep the family entertained. We try to stay away from keeping the children content with chocolate as the side effects of sugar rush only amounts to 5 times the headache when the chocolate supply has been diminished!

DIY, Arts & Crafts

Get creative! Something suited for almost any special occasion, as the only limits are you imagination. Prepare to get messy with felt tip colours, glue, glitter and paint as this cheap and easy activity can make for a great afternoon in for the family. Paint up some eggs which can be used as great gifts for relatives, you can then make tiny stands for them by cutting down a toilet tube roll. We recommend boiling the eggs first for the extra mess insurance. Any cracks/spillages will be a lot easier to clean up!

Another cheap and easy thing to craft up are these mini peg chick hatchers. All you need is a few pegs, and your choice of decorative card. The rest is up to you!

Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter classic. Plot out a egg hunt for your children. The beauty of this one is how you control the scale of it. It can be a quick 20 minutes game round the house or you can plan a huge one around your area that lasts anything up to a full day, its all down to you. We recommend writing short riddles/clues on bits of paper each hinting the location of the next reward, try to keep the clues topical and the difficulty based on the age of your children.

Easter Baking

Online you are able to fine a tone of Easter related recipes. Do your research to find the most appetising looking snacks, and then give it a go yourself. Common recipes include hot cross buns and nested bunny eggs (our favourite!). Using chocolatey Rice Crispies to make yourself a nest structure, simply add mini eggs to the centre to create your very own edible nested bunny eggs!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog and found a few cheap and easy things to do over the Easter period. From all of us at FTA we hope you have happy Easter and enjoy your bank holidays off!