What Should My Budget Be?

The difference in our beds price range is quite large. This may leave you confused as to what you're going to get for your said price.

At FTA we only sell the best products, so we can promise satisfaction on all of our products. However, expect the higher priced products to be of higher quality, better stability, a longer life span and maybe even some additional features such as storage or TV compartment.

Our fantastic web store allows users to shop by budget selecting their price range via a slider. For example the user could search for all beds in the range of £100-£250.

Will My Mattress Fit?

All of our bed frames are UK Standard size. This means any UK Standard size mattress will be sure to fit our bed frames.

Be sure to check if your mattress is UK Standard or European Standard, as EU Standard mattresses will not fit our bed frames.

So if your mattress is purchased from somewhere like IKEA be sure to double check before purchasing.

Is It The Right Size For My Room?

To ensure your bed fits properly into your desired space, we recommend first measuring the area you wish to place the bed. You can then check out our Size Guide to see which size bed best fits your space.

Please allow our beds a few cm either side of the given measurements, as the measurements of the bed may not be dead on the given figures.

Multi-Purpose Beds?

We at FTA offer a diverse range of multi-purpose beds. Offering Storage Beds, TV Beds, Sofa Beds, Day Beds and more.

We recommend checking out our Types Of Beds guide to gain a more in-depth understand of our bed types.