What Should My Budget Be?

The price of a mattress can seem a bit overwhelming. However, take into consideration that a high quality mattress can last up to 10 years.

The price you should spend on a mattress depends how frequently you expect to change it.

In our opinion it is better to a bit more money on a higher quality mattress. If you calculate the costs of sleeps per mattress life cycle you will tend to find that a longer lasting, higher quality mattress works out cheaper than a low quality mattress that may only last a few years.

Will It Fit My Bed?

All of our bed frames are UK Standard size. As are our mattresses.

If your bed was purchased with us, any of our UK Standard mattresses will be sure to fit.

Our mattresses will not fit any European bed frames. This includes products purchased from places such as IKEA.

Do You Suffer From Back Injury?

If the answer is yes then this is probably the main thing you will want to consider.

We offer a range of mattresses assorted by their firmness. Depending on the severity of your injury will depend on how much support you will need from your mattress.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for our recommendations on mattress firmness.

What Is Your Sleeping Position?

On your side, back or font. Different sleeping positions can cause different intensities of stress on your lower back.

Thankfully we have mattresses suited to support all different sleeping styles and positions.

Check our firmness guide below to help you find the right mattress for you.


Soft Mattress

Soft mattresses are ideal for those who sleep on their side or change position when they sleep. This is because sleeping on your side already relieves pressure from your spine and lower back. The softness of the mattress also allows for it to mould around the shape of your body as you transition during your sleep. Soft mattresses are not recommended for those with back injuries as they provide the least spinal support, risking increased injury.


Medium-Soft Mattress

Medium-Soft, these mattresses are made for those who frequently change position in their sleep. They provide lots of comfort for a soft nights sleep but also give that extra bit of support in case you end up on your back. If you suffer from back injury we may not recommend a medium-soft mattress. However, this depends on the severity of your injury. If your injuries are very minor this mattress may suffice, due to this mattress providing an small amount of stability for your back.


Medium-Firm Mattress

Our Medium firm mattress is designed for our back sleepers. Sleeping on your back can cause a significant amount of pressure on your lower back/spine. Due to this it is recommended you sleep on a mattress that will provide a comfortable, adequate support. ​ In terms of aid for back injury a medium-firm mattress will provide a stable aid for your lower back and spine.


Firm Mattress

Our firm mattress is the most stable mattress you can purchase, providing you with comfort and stability. This mattress is advised for those with reoccurring/bad back injuries, people over 15 stone or people who sleep on their front. Front sleepers put the most strain on their spines while sleeping. A firm mattress caters for this, not allowing the users to sink to far into their mattress and arch their back too much. For people with bad back injuries, this mattress will provide a solid support throughout the night.