Contemporary Faux Leather Black or White Side Lift Ottoman Storage Bed 4 Sizes Available

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Available in:

  • 3FT Single
  • 4FT Small Double
  • 4FT6 Double
  • 5FT King


  • Black
  • White

This stunning side lift ottoman bed offers an attractive combination of contemporary style and ample storage space. This beautifully crafted frame is finished in high quality faux leather and complemented by a simple yet stylish stitched headboard.

This is an ideal solution if space is at a premium in your bedroom as the ottoman base provides generous storage space for linen, blankets, towels or clothes. For ease of use, this stylish ottoman has colour coded holes that allows you to assemble the ottoman to lift up from the side of your choice. The base lifts easily with the help of a gas hydraulic system so you can access the lined storage area underneath the bed.

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3FT Single

  • Length: 2020mm
  • Width: 1060mm
  • Headboard Height: 850mm
  • Footboard Height: 315mm
  • Storage Depth: 230mm
  • Floor Clearance: 10mm

4FT Small Double

  • Length: 2020mm
  • Width: 1360mm
  • Headboard Height: 850mm
  • Footboard Height: 330mm
  • Storage Depth: 230mm
  • Floor Clearance: 40mm

4FT6 Double

  • Length: 2020mm
  • Width: 1510mm
  • Headboard Height: 850mm
  • Footboard Height: 330mm
  • Storage Depth: 230mm
  • Floor Clearance: 40mm

5FT King Size

  • Length: 2120mm
  • Width: 1670mm
  • Headboard Height: 850mm
  • Footboard Height: 330mm
  • Storage Depth: 230mm
  • Floor Clearance: 40mm

Please allow a few cm's either way to be on the safe side.



Product Type: Side Lifting Ottoman storage bed

Assembly Required: Flat pack for home assembly

Number of Boxes: 2



Health & Safety:

DO NOT jump on this frame.

DO NOT use this frame if any parts are missing, damaged or worn.

DO NOT use this frame unless all fixings are tightly secured.

Always use on a level, even surface. Please keep small parts out of reach of children Always use on a level, even surface.

Assemble in the room of use, assembly should be carried out with this item laying flat, not standing upright.

Assemble on a soft, clean surface to prevent damages. To remove the printed numbers on the pieces, use the eraser provided Periodically check all screws & fixings to ensure they are secure.

DO NOT push the item as this will damage the base. Always lift the item with two people to re position.

Keep any sharp objects away from the item.




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