Stylish Berwick Open Top Two Tone Shoe Storage Cabinet With Shelf Ocean Blue Light Grey or White with Light Oak Colour Two Shelves Two Drawers 12 Pair Shoes

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  • White

If you’re looking for a hallway organisation solution that makes a stylish contemporary furnishing statement, Berwick is the smart choice.

The cabinet’s panels are finished in a choice of dark and light neutrals and complemented by light oak-effect frame, legs and solid wood handles that add warmth and character.

The full-width open shelf is the ideal resting place for gloves and outdoor accessories, while the twin pull-down shoe compartments can each accommodate six pairs of standard-size (UK10) men’s shoes – twelve pairs in all.

A well-designed furnishing piece with a practical purpose.

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2. BER


  • Width: 744mm
  • Depth: 235mm
  • Height: 1050mm

Please allow a few cm's either way to be on the safe side.



Product Type: Shoe Cabinet

Materials: Particle Board & Paper Foil

Number of Boxes: 1



Health & Safety

  • This product should only be used on a firm and level floor.
  • Keep small parts out of reach of children.
  • Make sure the base remain in contact with the floor
  • DO NOT use power tools to construct this product.
  • DO NOT tighten screws until parts are assembled or as advised in this guide
  • DO NOT over tighten screws or bolts.
  • DO NOT use this product if parts are missing, damaged or worn. 
  • DO NOT sit or stand on the product.
  • This is a slim unit so, for safety, it is designed to fix to the wall securely using the metal anti-tilt brackets (F). These are to prevent the cabinet tipping over and causing damage or an accident. It is essential for the safety of you and your children, the cabinet is not free-standing.
  • N.B. When drilling the wall to fix the Anti-tilt bracket, always be sure the area to be drilled is free from hidden electrical wiring or gas / water pipes .
  • Carefully assess the suitability of the wall to ensure that the fastening device will withstand the load and forces generated. Walls can be quite different in construction so fixings are not supplied - choose the most suitable fixing for your wall type - if in doubt consult an expert.
  • Never use scourers, abrasives or chemical cleaners. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not use solvent based cleaners or detergents as they can bleach or damage the product.




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